Red Star Photography by Mario Andres Mejia
Who say’s that old habits die young?
Because even at my age, the habit of taking my camera with me where ever I go has now become a part of who I am, it hasn’t died young, it has grown with me & has grown my passion & love of photography in all its genres & glory.
There is an artistic form about a photo, just like there is a painting…& to be able to create a photo with as much soul as a painting, is an art in itself.

I can tell you all about the education that I have got over the years that has allowed me to look at the technical points of each shot, but what made me fall in love with photography, is being able to produce a story through my lens…
Whether it’s a story being told by it’s model, or by it’s surroundings, it’s still my story.

My view through the lens is uncut & raw & realism is my drive towards my art.
I love to portray things in their true form, the uncut perspective, that moment, exactly the way it happened.

Mario Andres Mejia
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